0-200 C Wht - Air  Engine Oil TempGauge, 99-06 TWCam all FLs
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Air Filled TC 99-06 FLH



Celsius Gauge 6061(aircraft) Billet Aluminum then Show Chromed Designed, Machined and Chromed in the States !!!! Tired of pushing that stuipd button to look at your temperature well I solved your problem I have designed and made a thermometer to fit the Electra Gildes with a 1.5inch face for easy viewing.Patent Pending: Replaces 1999-2006 Twincam 88/96/103 Touring-FL models Electra FLH, FLHTC,FLHTCU, FLHTUCI , RoadKing FLHR, RoadGlide FLT ,StreetGlide FLX ///Patented///

MUST READ:The difference between the air filled and oil filled gauges are such…

A little physics info first, all air has moisture in it, second as you heat and cool that air the moisture will collect thus causing Fog on the glass of the gauge. Now with that said get fog . As a note if you check as I did any of the HD Softail / Sportster gauges do fog.

Second the air gauges reaction time is much faster to change in temperature, and the lower price for the air is one of the driving factors for my customers to purchase the air filled. In the oil filled gauge the oil does dampen the needle at little due to the inherent viscosity of oil. I have the air filled on my bike but it does have some fog I live with.

The accuracy of the gauges is 1% over the full range of the gauge. The oil filled gauges come in 0-400F or 0-200C for the overseas customers


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  • Item #: 0-200Celsius Gauge 99-06 TWCam

0-200 C Wht - Air Engine Oil TempGauge, 99-06 TWCam all FLs

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