2019 W-Deflector, Indian Chieftain Texture Black
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 0.070thk Steel / Textrure Black

in stok

 100% Made in USA


 100% Made in USA

Fork mounted Wind Deflectors for 2019 - present  Indian Chieftian. 

link...  https://www.indianmotorcycles.net/threads/jes-wind-deflector-installation-video-and-review.315874/


There is away to install without drill see this link Video




  Designed to eliminate the about 50%-60% amount of wind coming up from the tank area. Which leaves a nice bresse to ride in, and allows air flow to the motor. 

1 year warranty on the coating against chipping and cracking,

Fork mounted Wind Deflectors for 2019- present  Indian Chieftian. 



Fitment:(For bikes with the Fork Guard tube mounted to triple tree)

 **********   Turn Signals OUTSIDE Bullet Shape   ****************

 MADE for: 2019 thru ...

 ( comes with Mounting Hardware)

1. Indian® Chieftain Dark Horse

2. Indian® Chieftain. 

4. Indian® Chieftain Limited 




 Review Links to Indian Forum Members"


Review of them on a  Chieftain (Silver bike):


WindDeFlector REVIEW



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2019 W-Deflector, Indian Chieftain Texture Black

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