Mid Fame Fans
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Mid Frame Heat Delfectors Fans

Production starting in 3 weeks  Per-orders as of 7/9/20

Pushes the hot air from the heads and headers down and relieves the heat on your innner thighs. passenger not effected (per my Girl friend)


 Fans are IP67... the unit can be dropped into a body of water up to 1 meter deep for half an hour, and is resistant to dust.

Airflow: 12.3 CFM
Noise: 36 dB :: when the bike is running you can not even hear them!!

(Quiet Rural area - 30 dbWhisper, rustling leaves= 20db )

Comes with:

2 on right side with deflector

2 on left side with deflector

1 on/off switch (will run when bike power is on but you can turn them off)

2a fuse , fuse holder

wiring Diagram

and Wire 

  • Item #: 09-Present Mid Frame Fans

Mid Fame Fans

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