Oil Spout Clamp For 1993-06
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93-06 FLH and models for engine oil dipstick !!!! Some Engines allow blow by into the crank and thus creating pressure in the Engine Oil reservoir. This pressure can pop out the OEM Dipstick and any other dipstick. The Clamp keeps the JESCustomAccents dipstick assembly in place tested up to 60PSI.The Clamp goes into a groove already designed into the 1993-2006 wedge which holds the gauge adapter. This Clamp is not to fix any issue you have with your engine but only to keep the dipstick assembly in place. Made of Delrin in the USA.

It comes with two screws, two halfs and rubber inlay so as not to scratch.

Fits:1993-2006 80/88/96/103 Touring-FL models Electra FLH, FLHTC,FLHTCU, FLHTUCI , RoadKing FLHR, RoadGlide FLT ,StreetGlide FLX


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Oil Spout Clamp For 1993-06

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