WindDeflectors, 06->Present FLHX Street Glide NoCoat
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0.070thk Steel -100% Made in USA

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No Coating Raw Metal for your painter in your town.


 2006 thru 2019    Street Glides with Lowers or without lowers

 Made to go under the light bracket

Has the thru hole for the wiring to the spot/turn signal for 2014 year

Fitment notes:

Will work with lindby Bar see Pics



  Designed to keep the wind from hiiting you in your face from the wind comming from the front of the gas tank. Plus if you have hard lowers these are going to work with the hard lowers too!!!

THERE FOR I am OFFERING A 1 year warranty on the coating against chipping and cracking, No one else is doing this.


From: Henry Martinez 8/29/12 RED Pictures above

Hi just wanted to let you all know that im very impressed with the Wind Deflectors i got from you they work great. I painted them to match my bike. and the shipping was fantastic.I sent you some pictures so you all can see how good they look. Thanks 

From Buzz Dean: 10/2/14
Tthanks for the great service with recent order of wind deflectors--arrived promptly,
packaged securely and installed easily!!!  And even better they do the job as intended on
my bike(14Ultra)--thanks for a great product
Name: Pete Toborek
I bought a pair of your lowers for my 2014 Street Glide last fall and just wanted to let
you know they are AWESOME. I've been recommending them to everyone that complains about
head buffeting on their Street Glides. Noticeably reduced the buffeting for me and my
passenger. 90mph now feels like 70mph used to. Great during our windy season also, and
reduces wind noise around my helmet. Thanks for making such an awesome product.
On May 18, 2012 9:35 AM, "David Gruna" <dgruna@****.com>


Got them on, fit good, look great and work awesome! Very satisfied!! Thanks


Here is a review from a


HD forums member (click) "2014- Present " WindDeFlector REVIEW


  • Item #: 06->P FLHX No Coat

WindDeflectors, 06->Present FLHX Street Glide NoCoat

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