WindDeflectors, FLH W/Lowers Gloss Black 99-13
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0.070thk Steel and then powder coated  gloss black-100% Made in USA

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1. 99-13 Stock Light bracket on Ultras or Classics

2. 99-13 Scream'in Eagles ,CVO with or without Lowers

3. 99-13 Any FLH with  light bracket #69818-06/ SEor CVO light bracket

4. 99-13 Street Glides with or without Lowers OR Street glide with #69818-06/ SE light bracket

5. 99-13 Any FLH with KuryaKyn Driving light Kit (5005) 

6. 99-13 Road Kings with or without Lowers (mounts on the outside of the light bracket for RK only)

7. 2014 Road Kings with pancake style Turn signals,  (mounts on the outside of the light bracket for RK only)

8. 99-13 Tri-Glides with or without Lowers


  Designed to keep the wind from hiiting you in your face from the wind comming from the front of the gas tank. Plus if you have hard lowers these are going to work with the hard lowers too!!!


1. If you look closely at the Hi Gloss black image you will notice the reflection of the chrome washers you will recieve with the winddelfectors.

2.As you can see by the one of the pictures the wind deflector will clear the HD engine guard.

3. The wind deflectors where laser cut, and bent with rubber in the dies as not to leave any marks.

 The powder coating process is

1. Degrease so the coating will adhere

2. Media blast to get a consistent finish

3. Iron Phosphate for corrosion resistance

THERE FOR I am OFFERING A 1 year warranty on the coating against chipping and cracking, No one else is doing this.



On May 18, 2012 9:35 AM, "David Gruna" <dgruna@****.com>


Got them on, fit good, look great and work awesome! Very satisfied!! Thanks


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  • Item #: WDModUC Gloss Blk 93-13

WindDeflectors, FLH W/Lowers Gloss Black 99-13

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