WindDeflectors, FLSTN/Fat Boy/Slim &SlimS Gloss Black 05-17
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 0.070thk Steel / powder coated Gloss Black


 100% Made in USA

Fork mounted Wind Deflectors for 2005 - present  Harley Davidson. No modifications required for mounting, use stock bolts in stock location. These are made to clear the hard lowers look sharp!!!

MADE for:2005 - 2017 (7.5 in. center to center Hole See Pics)

1. Softail Deluxe with the bullet light turn signals

     a. Can be mounted with detachable wind shield, mounts inside the bracket

     b. See pictures

2. Fat Boy and Fat Boy Lo with or without the bullet light turn signals

3. Softail Slim and Slim S...the front fork top assembly is like the fay Boy

see this link above for Fatboy customer review


  Designed to eliminate the maximum amount of wind coming up from the tank area as possible. Please look at the pictures and video Links to YOUTUBE 


Gloss Black Finish..

The wind deflectors where laser cut, and bent with rubber in the dies as not to leave any marks. I am OFFERING A 1 year warranty on the coating against chipping and cracking, No one else is doing this.

One of my customers : About the Black set but same design.....
I purchased a set of Black fork mounted wind deflectors. This is the best addition that I have added. My Softail is black and the Black deflectors
blend in absolutely perfect. No more wind buffeting from below.
Easy install and works with lowers with no adjustments.
I had them out on the super slab 80+ mph and they will not be removed.


Great Company to do business with. Got a call from the owner the day I had received them to see how I liked them. Quality is perfect and believe it or not they actually work.


PLAY BOTH VIDEO together and compare the difference!!!!

The person in the videos is a customer.

    A Customer Riding his Softail without Wind deflectors notice  the upper chest and Collar  Movement

A Customer Riding his bike Softail With JESCustomAccents Wind deflectors notice the upper chest and Collar just moving a little compared to the other video



Softail Deluxe showing the non-coated on the Bike 2010


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WindDeflectors, FLSTN/Fat Boy/Slim &SlimS Gloss Black 05-17

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