WindDeflectors FreeWheeler Chrome 15-present
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0.070thk Steel and then Chromed 100% Made in USA


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Fitment :

2015-2021 FreeWheelers Harley Davidison (FLRT)


 Designed to eliminate the a large amount of wind coming up from the tank area as possible. Please look at the pictures.


The wind deflectors where laser cut, and bent with rubber in the dies as not to leave any marks. 

I am OFFERING A 1 year warranty on the coating against chipping and cracking.

Fork mounted Wind Deflectors for 2015 Harley Davidson FLRT FreeWheeler. No modifications required for mounting, use stock bolts in stock location.  


Customer Email to me on 4/19/16

 E-mail Address:
Name: Mikel Harris
Phone Number:

WindDeflectors FreeWheeler Chrome 15-present

Installed on a 2015 Harley Freewheeler.
Pure and simple, it works.
Wind buffeting reduced 100% at 55 mph, and ~80% at 70mph and higher.  I now enjoy riding my Freewheeler at highway speeds.  Your product was well worth the price.


E-mail Address: powerguy@
Name: Alan Wightmore
Phone Number: 780459

I have installed the wind deflectors on my Switchback that I bought from you and I love them. So more pleasant to ride now. I have recommended them to the members of the Switchback forum that I am on and I think that you have got some sales from it. Thank you.

Alan Wightmore.


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WindDeflectors FreeWheeler Chrome 15-present

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