WindDeflectors, Indian Chieftain Powder Black
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 0.070thk Steel / Powder Coated texture Black

1=1 pair R,L

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 100% Made in USA



  Designed to eliminate the about 50%-60% amount of wind coming up from the tank area. Which leaves a nice bresse to ride in, and allows air flow to the motor. 

1 year warranty on the coating against chipping and cracking


Fork mounted Wind Deflectors for 2014 - 2018 Indian Chietian. 

You will need to drill out the four inner fairing holes maked out from Indian already. only for 2014,2015,2016

2017 ,18  and present have oblong grommet in place No drilling needed


2019-present There is away to install without drill see this link Video from a Customer Of mine



Fitment: ( with the Fork tube guard molded with the outer faring)

 **********   Turn Signals In the Faring   ****************

  Indian® Chieftain Classic 2014 years Below...

MADE for:

 ( comes with Mounting Hardware)

1. Indian® Chieftain Dark Horse 2014 thru 2018

2. Indian® Chieftain. 2014 thru 2018

3. Chieftain Road Master Classsic 2014 thru 2019

4. Indian® Chieftain Limited 2014 thru 2018

5. Indian® Chieftain Elite 2014 thru 2018

6. Indian® RoadMaster Classic 2014 thru 2018


*** Will not work with hard lower Farings on Crash Bar***


 Review Links to Indian Forum Members"


Review of them on a  Chieftain (Sliver bike):


 WindDeFlector REVIEW



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  • Cannot ship to: China

WindDeflectors, Indian Chieftain Powder Black

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