WindDeflectors, Vintage,SpringField,Chief Classic,Chief DarkH.
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 0.070thk Steel / Chromed



 100% Made in USA


 Designed to eliminate the about 45%-55% amount of wind coming up from the tank area. Which leaves a nice bresse to ride in, and allows air flow to the motor. 

 1 year warranty on the coating against chipping and cracking. 

Chrome Finish.

Fork mounted Wind Deflectors for 2014 - present  Indian Chief Vintage. No modifications required for mounting,

MADE for: 2014 thru pesent

 NOTE: you need to decide if you want the hole Covers see related items at bottom

*  Indian Chief Vintage

Indian® Chief®  with windShield

Indian® Chief® Classic with windShield

Indian® Chief Dark Horse® with windShield

Indian® SpringField 

Indian® SpringField  Dark Horse

      a. Can be mounted with detachable wind shield, mounts outside the light bracket.


Customer Comment:

Sorry for the delay (holidays etc...) but here are some pics. I took some time to log some info from my PVCX with and without the lowers. Engine temps stayed the same and the mpg stayed about the same until 75mph (35 with, 37 without). Riding without really rang my bell and now I can fully realize the benefits of these.

Gregg M.


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WindDeFlector REVIEW


Review of them on a Vintage:

WindDeFlector REVIEW

  • Item #: Indian WD Chrome Vint/Chief

WindDeflectors, Vintage,SpringField,Chief Classic,Chief DarkH.

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